Bio: Jeff Gauthier

Born and raised in the Quebec City area, Canada (not to be mistaken with Jeffrey Wood Gauthier, Google-hog, jazz violinist extraordinaire and friend).

Kludge King™, Duct-Tape Doctor™, Trial'N'Errorist™ -- a hacker, in the pejorative sense of the word, giddily chucking hits and misses and patches and tweaks.


85-88 Champlain Regional College, St.Lawrence Campus, Pure & Applied Sciences. 88 Laval University, Physics. Drop out. 90 CEGEP Ste-Foy, Visual Arts Intensive Course. 91-94 Laval University, Fine Arts, 2 courses shy of completion (one grade being retained due to non-payment of $20 access fee to silkscreening lab, the other, a missing optional course). 94-97 Megatoon, Art Technician. Quebec City's first public ISP, introduction to Macromind Director. 97 Quit Megatoon to put up Obstacle. 98-00 Cossette Interactive, the newly formed web department of Canada's largest advertising agency. 00 6 month stint at Zero Knowledge in Montreal. 00 Back in Quebec City, temporarily going back to freelancing while waiting for a "real" job. Been waiting for said job since, surviving two hyperactive boys in the process.