There's a nagging Javascript bug crashing the entire site. If you're reading this message, the site has in all likelihood crashed. Please accept my apology, i'm hoping i can find the time to fix it.

And to all fellow Drupalistas out there, you're more than welcome to help! The problem: this site requires jQuery 1.9+. Whenever the cache is flushed, the site resumes its normal operation for some time. After a while however, it reverts to Drupal's default version, 1.4.4, which causes the site to crash. I've tried a bunch of stuff -- jquery_update, jqmulti, hook_js_alter, disabling the cache/compression... All of these work for a while, then kaboom! If you have any idea what might be at the origin of this problem, don't hesitate to let know. Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope... :)